Big Walking Mammoth

Sometimes I get a really good and massive piece of mammoth tusk and it is calling to carve a free-standing mammoth. This is totally new design of a woolly mammoth that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. The figurine is anatomically precise and shows a lot of detail, such as thin hair, skin folds and toes. The overall quality is extremely high, and the figurine looks awesome. It features huge tusks that were the pride of woolly mammoths.
I rarely have pleasure to work with such nice material. This particular mammoth has no base, but it would be easy to add one. The figurine itself measures about 5. inches long from the tips of the tusks to the farthest foot (or 127 mm) and 3.5 inches tall (88 mm).
This mammoth ivory artwork is SOLD. This wonderful piece of art was sold almost instantly. If you like, I can carve one for you, size may be different, depending on material available. I will ship anywhere in the world where mammoth ivory is legal.
P.S I just started to carve another one. Please contact me if you want to reserve it.


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