Konstantin Soyfer, who now lives in Tucson, Arizona, grew up in Kishinev, former USSR. There it was very common to be exposed to many forms of the so-called “people art” or folk art, where carving is one of the major forms. In Konstantine’s family, art intrest was encouraged, and his sister was already becoming a professional tapestry artist.

His first steps as a woodcarver Stan made in his youth, after his mother showed him a studio where the most amazing work was done. When he came to the US, his interest in carving grew into passion. He took many awards in shows and started to sell his works in galleries.

At about the same time he met several Russian carvers, who worked with fossilized mammoth ivory. Beauty of the material and amazing skills of these artists have inspired him to explore this, totally new for him, was of applying his hands. And he never regrets this. Ivory is the most incredible material – strong yet delicate – capable of showing fine details and good finish. Its origin, the fact that it belonged to an Ice Age Beast, makes it a good source of inspiration.

“I like to carve Ice Age animals, the creatures that shared the Earth with us almost yesterday. I like that my work brings up and makes us aware of their beauty, reminds us of how lucky we are to share the Earth with them. I hope that it will help, even a little, to prevent their extinction.”

Stan currently shows his works in two galleries: one in Tucson, Arizona, and one in Skagway, Alaska.