Saber tooth cat


This time I decided to carve a free-standing sabertooth cat. Ice age animals keep to fascinate me and sabertooth cat is very beautiful and powerful animal that is truly representative of Ice Age, almost of the same importance as the Wholly Mammoth.

What I like about this statuette that it is very dynamic. The cat is moving, the muscles are bulging, it’s mouth is growling. Something dramatic is about to happen.

To create this piece of art I used a very fine piece of fossil walrus ivory with different kinds of coloration. You can even see some traces of blue. Eyes, teeth, mouth, all carved with great detail. Fossil walrus ivory presents it’s own unique challenges to the artist and should be carved with great attention. The material came from the ancient tusk of walrus that was found on the shores of Bering sea by native Alaskans. The base of the carving is made of the bark ivory of wholly mammoth tusk with it’s own unique coloration. It has blue and greenish colors that is quite rare. This material came from Siberia.

This elaborate and unique ivory carving of sabertooth cat is SOLD. If you like I can carve one for you out of fossil walrus or mammoth ivory, size may be different, depending on material available. I can ship anywhere in the world where mammoth ivory is legal.

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