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Mammoth mother watching calves.

Two little mammoths are playing and mother of one (and probably aunt of the other) is keeping watchful eye on them. Such scenery should be very common in Ice Age and two fragments of the wholly mammoth tusk let us observe it once again. This mammoth ivory is most unique. You would think that ivory should be white or cream-colored, but what about brown ivory? Yet, it happens when tusk was preserved below arctic circle where it wasn’t frozen in permafrost but got in stronger contact with surrounding minerals. As the result, it displays a very rich variety of colors. Look on the lover piece, it tells the story of its own. Its owner should be huge bull mammoth. You can extrapolate the tusk curvature and it will be the circle at least 7 inches (175mm) in diameter. You can only imagine how long was tusk and how huge its owner was.

This unique artwork that consists of two pieces of mammoth ivory is 7 inches tall and 7 inches (175mm) wide. It is for sale. Please contact me for the price and shipping information.

Saber tooth cubs playing

This beautiful artwork uses two fragments of mammoth tusk shows a group of saber tooth cubs playing together. Both fragments used to be an outer layer of the tusk and it was a big one. The ivory has most unique coloration owing it to deep mineralization of the surface. Both pieces are wonderful specimens of the mighty Ice Age creature and carvings are enhancing the natural beauty of the material. The entire artwork is 9.5 inches (240mm) tall and 4.5 inches wide (112mm).

This mammoth ivory carving is for sale. Please contact me for the price and shipping information.


Carving a jellyfish was a really unique opportunity to bring forth the beauty of the creature, beauty of material and possibility to really challenge my craftsmanship. The entire ivory carving is made out of two different pieces of fossil walrus ivory with different coloration. The entire artwork is so delicate. The jellyfish sits on the wavy silver rod. The height of the carving is 5.75 inches (145 mm) without the base. With the base, it is 6.75 inches (170 mm) high.

This carving is for sale. Please contact me for the price and shipping information.

Sabertooth and Wholly Rhino

An another chapter in Ice Age drama, a fight between two mightiest beasts of the time: a sabertooth cat (that was bigger than any modern-day tiger) and wholly rhino. Such moments could happens many times a day during Ice Age and, most likely, not to sabertooth cat advantage, a wholly rhino was a one mightiest beasts of the time, the stronger was only wholly mammoth. The material that was used to carve the scene is a fragment of mammoth tusk. This piece of mammoth ivory came from Northern Siberia where it was in the permafrost for tens of thousands of years. The carving is 12 inches long (appr. 300 mm) and 3 inches wide (appr. 75 mm) The entire artwork stands 6 inches tall (150 mm). This work is not only a wonderful piece of art but an Ice Age specimen as well and can tell it’s own story how strong and unusual it’s owner was.

The mammoth ivory carving is for sale. Please contact me for the price and shipping information.

“The mammoth scene-2”

This new mammoth scene is the biggest one I ever made. It was possible because I came across this piece of mammoth ivory bark. This wonderful piece is 17 inches (430 mm) long and 4 inches (100 mm) wide but only about 3/8 inch (10mm) at the thickest and came from Alaska. It has a very interesting variety of colors from light brown to dark with some blue and green strikes. Such material is highly sought by knife-makers, but I couldn’t let such fine specimen of mammoth tusk fragment to be chopped into pieces. It undoubtfully used to belong to very mighty bull mammoth, like one of the “fighters”. I carved an entire mammoth group there and it has everything: The fighting males and exited females and two curious and a little bit scared babies. To add to three-dimension effect, I inserted the tusks and my bas-relieve looks much dipper.

I offer this wonderful mammoth ivory carving for sale. Feel free to contact me for the price and shipping information.

Behind the curtains (Medieval carving-2)

I was fortunate to see many medieval ivory carvings in different famous museums. Such incredible art kept my interest for a long time. Most what amaze me are artworks that made of several flat panels carved in deep relieve, it is hard to imagine that so much action can be placed in such small panels. Seeing those diptychs (two panels), triptychs (three panels) and other works stimulated me to create my own “medieval” carving with elements of Romanesque art as it was done back then. During medieval ages people preferred carvings with religious theme, those diptychs and triptychs often served as mobile altars for nobility. I chose to go with fairy tale for my carving. My diptych consists of two panels of mammoth ivory, each is 2-1/4″ (56mm) wide, 4″ (100mm) high and only 8mm thick (that presented a real challenge to create a depth effect). I took the full advantage of such wonderful material and carved the composition in great detail going ad deep as possible. Wings of the dragon and curtains almost free-standing, you can pull thread behind them. Same is with many features of the girl and dragon. This mammoth ivory carving looks even deeper than it is. Panels are hinged together, as was done in medieval times, they can be closed as a book. This elaborate and unique ivory carving is for sale. Please contact me for price and shipping information.

Woolly Mammoth

This amazing figurine depicts a male woolly mammoth that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. The figurine is anatomically precise and shows a lot of detail, such as thin hair, skin folds and toes. The overall quality is extremely high, and the figurine looks awesome. It features huge tusks that were the pride of woolly mammoths.

This piece was hand-carved from a high-grade mammoth ivory over the course of few weeks. The mammoth is situated on a beautiful wooden stand, which adds to the composition. The figurine itself measures 3 x 2-3/8 inches, not including the tusks. It is a great display piece and a timeless art object.

This ivory carving is SOLD but if you are interested, I can carve a new one for you.

Wavy Fantasy


Wavy Fantasy


Mammoth Ivory and silver


Here is an interesting delicate ivory carving, which can be worn around the neck. Very unusual.

Currently available for sale


A beautiful carving of the Goddess that was carved out of Mammoth ivory. This necklace is available, same or similar. Please contact me to discuss the purchase or shipping.

Please click on image to see it in close-up