Grown-ups business-2

This mammoth ivory carving is showing a moment of life of mammoth family. One mammoth is calming her calf while the other mammoth is trying to chase the sabertooth cat away.
For this work I used an outer section of mammoth tusk 6-3/4″ (171mm) tall, 3″ (76mm) wide and 7/8″ (23mm) thick on the thickest. Mammoth ivory is very wonderful material to carve and I tried to go as deep as I can and have this carving in very detail. Each of the characters is carved so deep, it is almost free-standing. In the same moment, I tried to preserve an authentic looks of the mammoth tusk.
Base is made out of aromatic cedar and included.

This ivory carving is SOLD, but I always work on something similar.

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