The 4-in-1 or Inside-Out lamp

This lantern consists out of three 7-by-14 inches separate panels. They not soldered to each other, it is more like “hinged” connection and they can be easy separated by taking the rods out. Note that all the surfaces are flat in this position, all the ammonites here with their sliced side out. Look what happens if you will take one rod out. The lantern can be easily transformed into the screen. It can be fireplace screen or, using the original light, it can be screen lamp.

Now, let’s see how this shade looks on the other side. See how different the surface, the texture. I used to grind ammonites flat before, now they have their forms intact. The lamp’s surface becomes now three-dimensional with ammonites sticking out. I would say, there is much more work involved to prepare each ammonite to show both sides, but the results are amazing.
The lamp is ready now to assume its 4rt position and go back on base with all the panels locked into triangle.

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