Sabertooth and Wholly Rhino

An another chapter in Ice Age drama, a fight between two mightiest beasts of the time: a sabertooth cat (that was bigger than any modern-day tiger) and wholly rhino. Such moments could happens many times a day during Ice Age and, most likely, not to sabertooth cat advantage, a wholly rhino was a one mightiest beasts of the time, the stronger was only wholly mammoth. The material that was used to carve the scene is a fragment of mammoth tusk. This piece of mammoth ivory came from Northern Siberia where it was in the permafrost for tens of thousands of years. The carving is 12 inches long (appr. 300 mm) and 3 inches wide (appr. 75 mm) The entire artwork stands 6 inches tall (150 mm). This work is not only a wonderful piece of art but an Ice Age specimen as well and can tell it’s own story how strong and unusual it’s owner was.

The mammoth ivory carving is for sale. Please contact me for the price and shipping information.

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