The finest mammoth ever

My recent masterpiece. It is also like big walking mammoth but is standing on the base with images of sabretooth cat family. The body of the mammoth is made of finest mammoth ivory that came from Northern Siberia and was preserved in permafrost for at least 20,000 years. The entire body is 3.25 inches (81 mm) tall and 5 inches (125 mm) long with separate carved mammoth tusks. The base is an entire story; it is the round cut-out of mammoth tusk but it was exposed to elements longer and hollow inside. This gives a good opportunity to take a full advantage of it’s surface and make a complicated bas-relieve. I choose a sabretooth cat family, they belong to the time and one of the first creatures that pop into one’s mind while thinking about the Ice Age. I took the good advantage of this piece of mammoth ivory that is itself a touch from the very distant past. The entire artwork stands over 7 inches (177mm) high.

This wonderful masterpiece of mammoth ivory carving is SOLD. Please contact me if you want me to carve something similar.

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