Dragon by the old tower

One time I saw a piece of mammoth ivory that was fairly long, but not very thick to create a big free-standing figurine. Also, it had some deep cracks that quite limited possibilities of what can be carved out of it. Luckily, I wasn’t thinking about it at all. As soon as I saw the piece, I knew that it will become one of my most ambitious projects, it was as I already saw the image of the dragon carved into this piece. I knew how challenging it will be, but I enjoyed every moment of working with this piece of mammoth ivory. The dragon become almost free-standing, his wings are barely touching the background, the creature is ready to take the flight. I used every crack to carve around it and rough piece of mammoth ivory was turned into ruins of ancient tower. This ivory carvings stands 9 inches tall (225 mm). This amazing artwork is sold.

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