Screen Light

This beautiful design gives an infinite number of possibilities. I couldn’t even imagine in how many ways this light can be used. But first, let me tell more about it.
I wanted to create a screen that could be a lamp too. This way the screen could be placed by the wall or in the middle of the room on the little table. The screen should have light inside but still be flat enough. I had to figure out the way how it lights up and how light bulbs can fit in. It was quite a challenge for something that is barely 1 inch thick (25mm) and even smaller inside. As the result, each panel consists of two sides and can be easily taken apart. Each panel is approximately 7-by14 inches big (180-by-360 mm) and each side has different color. This way the lamp has two colors, like it is two different screens. But it is not all. Panels can be linked together in a triangle and screen will look like a try-sided table lamp. When it is linked one way, it has blue colors out, the other way has more greens out.
The screen can be taken apart, each panel is lighted individually. It can be used as two-sided screen or each panel can become individual lamp. It can be placed on the table in special base or attached to the wall as sconce. It can be hanged too. This why I’ve said about infinitive number of ways this lamp is used.
This particular lamp is sold (almost instantly) but I can make one for you. It can be even prettier with slightly different shape of panels.


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