“Moon” lamp with ammonites

I often use word “unique” to describe my creations but it perfectly fits this light sculpture that is very beautiful blend of artistry and engineering. My wife called it “Moon” lamp and since then this ammonite lamp become a huge success. I had to make several of them and more people are interested. Look at the pictures, the “Moon” lamp consists of two panels, each has 26 ammonites. Middle side of the panels bows inside. The distance between two opposite panels in the middle of the lamp is no more than 12mm or 1/2 of the inch. Panels are holding together by another invention of mine and can be easily be taken apart if needed. The diameter of the glass part is about 14 inches or 355mm. The base is made of iron and entire light sculpture stands 17 inches (432mm) tall and 16 inches (406mm) wide. I made it with different kinds of glass and results were always amazing.

Please contact me if you like me to create something similar and I will gladly make another one. I can ship it everywhere.


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