Mammoth bark ivory and tusk pieces for sale (2022)

Attention to all interested. All the pieces of material offered for sale here are of fossil origin and belong to now extinct animals of Woolly Mammoth. Most of the material came from Siberia, some pieces are from Alaska. The sections of mammoth tusk were found in the ground by occasion and really are by-product of mining operations. Some pieces are white, it means, they were found above the arctic circle where they were frozen for more than 10,000 of years. They are usually found by gold miners. If ivory showing some colors it can be because it shows some mineral penetration. When bark ivory shows some blue, it happens because it had absorbed some Vivianite. If ivory shows some brown-and-black, it comes from the places below the arctic circle like from the Siberian city called Karaganda where it can be found during open pit coal mining. Each kind of material has it’s own unique qualities and can be transformed into beautiful piece of art. Having such material on the market actually creates a good alternative to any kind of modern ivories and makes elephant poaching less profitable and lowers interest to elephant ivory. If there was bigger amount of mammoth ivory on the market, it could drive the price so low that elephant poaching would be not worth the risk and maybe abandoned altogether.

Unfortunately, some states decided to ban all fossil ivories even if it belongs to extinct creature. Because of this I will not be able to sell any of material or carvings to anybody in New York, New Jersey and California. I do encourage you to look at my lamps in Ammonite gallery. Please, don’t forget to check your local ivory laws.
Enjoy my new selection. Thank you


Mammoth’s tusk chunk MT-17
A small piece of mammoth tusk, mostly bark with beautiful pattern and rare blue colors.
All sizes are shown in the inches.
Length: 5.5 inches (114mm) at the longest
Width: 2.75 inches (70mm) at the widest
Thickness: 1/2 inch (12mm) and thicker
Weigh: 6.8oz (.194kg)
Price: SOLD


Lot of mammoth tusk chunks MT-16
Here is a set of smaller flat bark ivory pieces. Each of the pieces has it’s own unique coloration. They are good to be used for small carvings, jewelry or inlay, maybe small knife handles too.
If you need additional information about size or color of each piece, please contact me. All sizes are shown in the inches.
Weight: 1lb (.457kg)
Price: $100.00 including shipping. International shipping pays extra.

Mammoth ivory bark piece MT-14
Here is a chunk of mammoth ivory. It is mostly bark with beautiful patterns and colors. One side is very thick mostly with white material. This piece can be used for knife handle making or jewelry making, carving and scrimshaw.
Length: 11 inches (279mm) at the longest
Width: 3.75 inches (95mm) at the widest
Thickness: 1.5 inch (38mm) at the thickest
Weigh: 1lb 4.1oz (.568kg)
Price: SOLD

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