Behind the curtains (Medieval carving-2)

I was fortunate to see many medieval ivory carvings in different famous museums. Such incredible art kept my interest for a long time. Most what amaze me are artworks that made of several flat panels carved in deep relieve, it is hard to imagine that so much action can be placed in such small panels. Seeing those diptychs (two panels), triptychs (three panels) and other works stimulated me to create my own “medieval” carving with elements of Romanesque art as it was done back then. During medieval ages people preferred carvings with religious theme, those diptychs and triptychs often served as mobile altars for nobility. I chose to go with fairy tale for my carving. My diptych consists of two panels of mammoth ivory, each is 2-1/4″ (56mm) wide, 4″ (100mm) high and only 8mm thick (that presented a real challenge to create a depth effect). I took the full advantage of such wonderful material and carved the composition in great detail going ad deep as possible. Wings of the dragon and curtains almost free-standing, you can pull thread behind them. Same is with many features of the girl and dragon. This mammoth ivory carving looks even deeper than it is. Panels are hinged together, as was done in medieval times, they can be closed as a book. This elaborate and unique ivory carving is for sale. Please contact me for price and shipping information.

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