Rising Dragon

Dragons are very interesting objects to carve because there are many fine and intricate details that present a great opportunity to try my skills. One of the most interesting challenges is to see how I can turn this almost flat piece into 3-dimentional scene. I like to see how far I can undercut it’s wings and as you can see, they are barely touching the background. The dragon is almost free-standing and it is hard to believe that entire carving is made out of the one single piece.

The carving is made out of section of the mammoth tusk and has pretty rosewood base. The ivory part is 3.5 inches (or about 90 mm) tall and 3 inches (75 mm) wide. The entire artwork with the base is 4.5 inches (115 mm) tall and 4inches (100 mm) wide.

This beautiful masterpiece is sold. Please contact me if you want me to carve one for you.

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