“The mammoth scene”

This time I’m showing my newest carving that is now completed. It is quite ambitious project that is showing five adults and two baby mammoths. Two adult bull mammoths are fighting and babies and females are watching them. One male calf is getting too “exited” and probably wants to join.
The carving is taking place on piece of bark ivory 15 inches or 381 mm long and 3.25 inches or 83 mm wide. It has the base made out of another piece of bark ivory. Each mammoth is carved in great detail, even their hair. You can see how animals appear almost free-standing. The background is carved too with many bushes.

This piece of ivory is pretty unique because of it’s coloration. As yo can see, it has darker front and background. It is not artificial, it is how mineralization occurred over the thousands of years. This why I can carve white part and use dark sides for front and background. I love when I can get pieces like that, they are looking so beautiful when carved.

The mammoth tusk carving is sold.
Thank you Steve for such kind words:”
….I really like you piece it is the best of our collection. Steve S…..”

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